Wall Street Journal Hedcuts

WSJ HedcutsHand-drawn pen & ink portraits created for The Wall Street Journal

Original artwork, signed and framed – 12×15 | $1,500.00

Giclée reproductions ~ archival inks on cotton rag paper
Signed and matted – 8.5 x 11 | $125.00   Signed and framed – 12×15 | $225.00
Many of these drawings are available for view HERE.  Please contact the Studio to see additional hedcuts.
Credit Cards, PayPal, Personal and Cashier’s Checks accepted

Aaron Eckhart The Core 3/28/2003  X
Abigail Breslin Kit Kittredge: An American Girl 6/20/2008
Adam Sandler Reign Over Me 3/23/2007
Adam Sandler You Don’t Mess With the Zohan 6/6/2008  X
Adam Sandler Punch-Drunk Love 10/11/2002  X
Adam Sandler The Longest Yard 5/27/2005
Adam Sandler Mr. Deeds 6/28/2002  X
Adrian Alonso Under the Same Moon 3/21/2008
Al Pacino Insomnia 5/24/2002  X
Al Pacino Simone 8/23/2002  X
Amber Tamblyn Stephanie Daley 4/27/2007
Amy Adams Enchanted 11/23/2007
Amy Poehler Baby Mama 4/25/2008
Anamaria Marinca 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days 1/25/2008
André Benjamin Idlewild UNP
Andrew Garfield Boy A 7/25/2008
Angelina Jolie Changeling 10/24/2008  X
Angelina Jolie The Mighty Heart 6/22/2007
Angelina Jolie Lara Croft: Tomb Raider 6/15/2001  X
Angelina Jolie Life or Something Like It 4/26/2002  X
Angelina Jolie Beyond Borders 10/24/2003
Angelina Jolie Mr. and Mrs. Smith 6/10/2005
Annette Bening Being Julia 10/15/2004
Anthony Hopkins Hannibal 2/9/2001  X
Anthony Hopkins The World’s Fastest Indian 2/3/2006
Anthony Hopkins Red Dragon 10/4/2002  X
Arnold Schwarzenegger Collateral Damage 2/8/2002  X
Asif Iqbal Road to Guantanamo 6/23/2006
Ben Affleck Pearl Harbor 5/25/2001  X
Ben Barnes The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian 5/16/2008
Ben Kingsley Suspect Zero 8/27/2004
Ben Stiney United 93 4/28/2006
Benicio Del Toro Things We Lost in the Fire 10/19/2007
Benicio Del Toro Traffic 12/29/2000  X
Bill Nighy Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest 7/7/2006
Billy Bob Thorton The Astronaut Farmer 2/23/2007
Billy Bob Thorton Friday Night Lights 10/8/2004
Billy Bob Thorton The Alamo 4/9/2004  X
Brad Pitt Burn After Reading 9/12/2008
Brad Pitt Troy 5/14/2004  X
Brittany Murphy Just Married 1/10/2003  X
Bruce Willis Tears of the Sun 3/7/2003  X
Bruce Willis Hart’s War 2/15/2002  X
Cameron Diaz Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle 6/27/2003  X
Cameron Diaz In Her Shoes 10/7/2005
Campbell Scott The Secret Life of Dentists 8/1/2003
Cate Blanchett The Gift 1/19/2001  X
Cate Blanchett Bandits 11/12/2001  X
Charlize Theron The Curse of the Jade Scorpion 8/24/2001  X
Chihiro Spirited Away 9/20/2002  X
Chow Yun Fat Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 12/8/2000  X
Chris Cooper Breach 2/16/2007
Christian Bale Batman Begins 6/17/2005  X
Christina Ricci Anything Else 9/19/2003
Claire Danes Shopgirl 10/21/2005
Clint Eastwood Gran Torino 12/12/2008
Colin Farrell In Bruges 2/8/2008
Colin Farrell Miami Vice 7/28/2006
Colin Farrell Phone Booth 4/4/2003  X
Colin Farrell The Recruit 1/31/2003  X
Colin Farrell Alexander 11/26/2004
Columbus Short Stomp the Yard 1/12/2007
Daniel Craig Defiance UNP
Daniel Craig Casino Royale 11/17/2006
Daniel Day Lewis The Ballad of Jack & Rose 3/25/2005
Daniel Day Lewis There Will Be Blood UNP
Daniel Radcliffe Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 7/13/2007
Daniel Radcliffe Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 11/15/2002  X
Daniel Radcliffe Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone 11/16/2001  X
Daniel Radcliffe Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 6/4/2004  X
Daniel Radcliffe Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire UNP
Daniel Radcliffe Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince UNP
David Caruso Session 9 8/10/2001  X
David Duchovny House of D 4/15/2005
David Duchovny Evolution 6/8/2001  X
David Spade Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star 9/5/2003
Dennis Quaid Vantage Point 2/22/2008
Dennis Quaid American Dreamz 4/21/2006
Dennis Quaid Smart People 4/11/2008
Dennis Quaid The Rookie 3/29/2002  X
Denzel Washington American Gangster 11/2/2007
Denzel Washington Inside Man 3/24/2006
Denzel Washington Déjà Vu 11/24/2006
Denzel Washington Man on Fire 4/23/2004
Denzel Washington Training Day 10/5/2001  X
Derek Luke Catch a Fire 10/27/2006
Dev Patel Slumdog Millionaire (Telluride) 9/5/2008
Dev Patel Slumdog Millionaire 11/14/2008
Diane Keaton Because I Said So 2/2/2007
Diane Keaton Something’s Gotta Give 12/12/2003  X
Diane Lane Must Love Dogs 7/29/2005
Diane Lane Unfaithful 5/10/2002  X
Don Cheadle Traitor 8/29/2008
Don Cheadle Hotel Rwanda 12/24/2004
Don Lino Shark Tale 10/1/2004
Donald Crowhurst Deep Water 8/31/2007
Dory Finding Nemo 5/30/2003  X
Dr. Aki Ross Final Fantasy 7/13/2001  X
Drew Barrymore Fever Pitch 4/8/2005
Ed Burns Confidence 4/25/2003
Ed Harris Pollock 2/16/2001
Eddie Murphy Meet Dave 7/11/2008
Eddie Murphy Daddy Day Care 5/9/2003
Eddie Murphy I Spy 11/1/2002  X
Eddie Murphy Showtime 3/15/2002  X
Edward Norton The Illusionist 8/18/2006  X
Elastigirl The Incredibles 12/31/2004  X
Elijah Wood The Lord of the Rings 12/21/2001  X
Elizabeth Banks Definitely, Maybe 2/15/2008
Ellen Burstyn Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood 6/7/2002  X
Ellen Pompeo Moonlight Mile 9/27/2002  X
Emile Hirsch Speed Racer 5/9/2008
Emile Hirsch Into the Wild 9/21/2007
Emilio Echevarria Amores Perros 3/30/2001  X
Emily Rios Quinceanera 8/2/2006  X
Eminem 8 Mile 11/8/2002  X
Emma Roberts Hotel for Dogs UNP
Emma Thompson Nanny McPhee 1/27/2006
Eric Bana Munich 12/23/2005
Ethan Hawke Assault on Precinct 13 12/21/2005
Eugene Hutz Everything is Illuminated 9/16/2005
Evan Rachel Wood Thirteen 8/22/2003
Felicity Huffman TransAmerica 12/2/2005  X
Forrest Whitaker The Last King of Scotland (Telluride) 9/8/2006  X
Forrest Whitaker The Last King of Scotland 9/29/2006  X
Frank Langella Frost / Nixon 12/5/2008
Franka Potente Run Lola Run 6/22/2001  X
Gabe Nevins Paranoid Park 3/14/2008
Gael Garcia Bernal The Motorcycle Diaries 9/24/2004
Gene Hackman Runaway Jury 10/17/2004
George Clooney Leatherheads 4/4/2008  X
George Clooney Syriana 11/25/2005
George Clooney Solaris 11/29/2002  X
George Clooney Intolerable Cruelty 10/10/2003
George Clooney Ocean’s 12 10/10/2004
George Clooney Ocean’s 11 12/7/2001  X
Glen Hansard Once 5/18/2007
Greg Kinnear Auto Focus 10/18/2002  X
Gretchen Mol The Notorious Betty Page 4/14/2006
Guy Pearce The Time Machine 3/8/2002  X
Gwyneth Paltrow Shallow Hal 11/9/2001  X
Haley Joel Osment A.I.: Artificial Intelligence 6/29/2001  X
Halle Berry Perfect Stranger 4/13/2007
Harrison Ford Hollywood Homicide 6/13/2003  X
Harrison Ford K-19: The Widowmaker 7/19/2002  X
Harrison Ford Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull 5/22/2008  X
Harvey Fierstein Hairspray (Broadway) 8/16/2002  X
Hayden Christensen Shattered Glass  10/31/2003
Hayden Christensen Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith 5/20/2005  X
Heath Ledger The Brothers Grimm 8/26/2005
Heath Ledger Casanova 1/6/2006  X
Heath Ledger A Knight’s Tale 5/11/2001  X
Heath Ledger Brokeback Mountain 12/9/2005  X
Heath Ledger The Dark Knight 7/18/2008  X
Heather Graham Say It Isn’t So 3/23/2001  X
Helena Bonham-Carter Sweeney Todd 12/21/2007  X
Homer Simpson The Simpsons Movie 7/27/2007
Hugh Jackman Van Helsing 4/7/2004  X
Hugo Weaving V for Vendetta 3/17/2006
Hugo Weaving The Matrix Revolutions 11/7/2003
Ian McKellen X-Men 5/26/2006
Irrfan Khan The Namesake 3/9/2007
Ismail Ghaffari Half Moon 1/4/2008
Ivan Dobronravov The Return 2/13/2004
Ivana Baquero Pan’s Labyrinth 12/29/2006
Jack Black School of Rock 10/3/2003
Jack Nicholson The Departed 10/6/2006
Jack Nicholson Anger Management 4/11/2003  X
Jack Nicholson About Schmidt 12/13/2002  X
Jackie Chan Rush Hour 2 8/3/2001  X
Jackie Chan Shanghai Knights 2/7/2003  X
Jackie Chan The Medallion 8/29/2003
Jake Gyllenhaal Zodiac 3/2/2007
Jake Gyllenhaal Jarhead 11/4/2005
Jake Gyllenhaal The Day After Tomorrow 5/28/2004  X
James McAvoy Attonement 12/7/2007
James McAvoy Rory O’Shea Was Here 2/4/2005
Jamie Foxx The Kingdom 9/28/2007
Jamie Foxx Ray 10/29/2004  X
Jane Fonda Monster-in-Law 5/13/2005
Jason Segel Forgetting Sara Marshall 4/18/2008
Jason Statham The Bank Job 3/7/2008
Javier Bardem Vicky Christina Barcelona 8/15/2008  X
Jeff Bridges The Door in the Floor 7/16/2004
Jennifer Aniston The Break Up 6/2/2006
Jennifer Connelly Dark Water 7/8/2005
Jennifer Garner Catch and Release UNP
Jennifer Hudson Dreamgirls 12/15/2006
Jennifer Lopez The Wedding Planner 1/26/2001  X
Jill Wagner Slinter UNP
Jim Carrey Bruce Almighty 5/23/2003  X
Jim Carrey Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 3/19/2004
Jim Caviezel The Passion of the Christ 2/27/2004  X
Jiri Machacek Up and Down 2/25/2005
Joan Allen The Upside of Anger 3/11/2005
Joan Allen The Bourne Supremacy 7/23/2004
Joaquin Phoenix Walk the Line 11/18/2005
John Cameron Mitchell Hedwig and the Angry Inch UNP  X
Johnny Depp Secret Window 3/12/2004  X
Johnny Depp Blow 4/6/2001  X
Johnny Depp Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End 5/25/2007  X
Jon Heder Napoleon Dynamite 6/11/2004  X
Joseph Fiennes The Great Raid 8/12/2005
Josh Brolin W 10/17/2008
Josh Hartnett The Black Dahlia 9/15/2006
Josh Lucas Glory Road 1/13/2006
Josh Lucas Poseidon 5/12/2006
Julia Roberts The Mexican 3/2/2001  X
Julia Roberts Closer 12/3/2004
Juliane Kohler Nowhere in Africa 3/21/2003  X
Julianne Moore Laws of Attraction 4/30/2004
Kate Bosworth Win a Date With Tad Hamilton 1/23/2004
Kate Hudson Bride Wars 1/9/2009
Katherine Heigl Knocked Up 6/1/2007
Keanu Reeves The Lake House 6/16/2006
Keanu Reeves Constantine 2/18/2005
Keanu Reeves The Matrix Reloaded 5/16/2003  X
Keira Knightly King Arthur 7/9/2004
Keisha Castle-Hughes Whale Rider 6/6/2003
Kenneth Lay Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room 4/29/2005
Kevin Costner 300 Miles to Graceland 2/23/2001  X
Kevin Costner Dragonfly 2/22/2002  X
Kevin Kline Life is a House 10/26/2001  X
Kevin Spacey The Life of David Gale 2/21/2003  X
Kieran Culkin Igby Goes Down 9/13/2002  X
King Kong King Kong 12/16/2005
Kirsten Dunst Spider-Man 2 7/2/2004  X
Kohi Yakusho Eureka 5/4/2001  X
Koyla Spiridonov The Italian 1/19/2007
Kurt Russell Miracle 2/6/2004
Lars Kaalund Italian for Beginners 1/18/2002  X
Laura Dern We Don’t Live Here Anymore 8/13/2004
Laura Linney Mothman Prophecies 1/25/2002  X
Leelee Sobieski The Glass House 9/14/2001  X
Leonardo DiCaprio Body of Lies 10/10/2008
Leonardo DiCaprio Catch Me If You Can 12/27/2002  X
Leonardo DiCaprio The Aviator 12/17/2004
Lindsay Lohan Georgia Rule 5/11/2007
Loren Horsley Eagle vs Shark 6/15/2007
Lou (the dog) Cats & Dogs 7/6/2001  X
Maggie Cheung In the Mood For Love 2/2/2001  X
Mandy Moore Chasing Liberty 1/9/2004
Maria Carey Glitter 9/21/2001  X
Marion Cotillard La Vie en Rose 6/8/2007
Mark Wahlberg Rock Star 9/7/2001  X
Mark Wahlberg Planet of the Apes 7/27/2001  X
Marquee Vapid Summer 8/31/2001  X
Martin Lawrence What’s the Worst That Could Happen? 6/1/2001  X
Martin Lawrence National Security 1/17/2003  X
Mater Cars 6/9/2006
Mathieu Amalric The Diving Bell and the Butterfly 11/30/2007
Matt Damon The Bourne Identity 6/14/2002  X
Meg Ryan Against the Ropes 2/20/2004  X
Mel Gibson We Were Soldiers 3/1/2002  X
Melissa Leo Frozen River 8/1/2008
Meryl Streep The Devil Wears Prada 6/30/2006  X
Meryl Streep The Manchurian Candidate 7/30/2004
Michael Caine The Quiet American 1/24/2003  X
Michael Cera Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist 10/2/2008
Michael Douglas Don’t Say a Word 9/28/2001
Michael Moore Fahrenheit 9/11 6/25/2004
Michelle Pfeiffer Stardust 8/10/2007
Michelle Yeoh Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 1/5/2001  X
Mickey Rourke The Wrestler 12/19/2008
Mickey Rourke Sin City 4/1/2005
Mike Myers Austin Powers in Goldmember 7/26/2002  X
Monica Bellucci Brotherhood of the Wolf 1/11/2002  X
Morgan Freeman 10 Items or Less 12/1/2006
Morgan Freeman The Sum of All Fears 5/31/2002  X
Mos Def 16 Blocks 3/3/2006
Mr. Incredible The Incredibles 11/5/2004  X
Nadine Labaki Caramel 2/1/2008
Natalie Portman The Other Boleyn Girl 2/29/2008
Nicolas Cage Adaptation 12/6/2002  X
Nicolas Cage National Treasure 11/19/2004  X
Nicolas Cage The Weather Man 11/28/2005
Nicole Kidman Australia 11/28/2008
Nicole Kidman The Interpreter 4/22/2005
Nicole Kidman Cold Mountain 12/26/2003  X
Nicole Kidman Bewitched 6/24/2005
Nicole Kidman Moulin Rouge 5/18/2001  X
Nicole Kidman Birthday Girl 2/1/2002  X
Nikki Blonsky Hairspray 7/20/2007
Oliver O’Grady Deliver Us From Evil 10/13/2006
Omar Benson Miracle at St. Anna 9/26/2008
Orlando Bloom Elizabethtown 10/14/2005
Orlando Bloom Kingdom of Heaven 5/6/2005
Owen Wilson You, Me and Dupree 7/14/2006
Owen Wilson The Big Bounce 1/30/2004
Paddy Considine In America 11/28/2003
Parry Shen Better Luck Tomorrow 4/18/2003  X
Patrick Stewart X2: X-Men United 5/2/2003  X
Patrick Stewart X-Men 7/14/2000  X
Paul Bettany Wimbledon 9/17/2004
Paul Giamatti Lady in the Water 7/21/2006
Paul Giamatti Sideways 10/22/2004
Paul Schneider All the Real Girls 2/14/2003  X
Peter Dinklage Death at a Funeral 8/17/2007
Peter Jackson The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King 12/19/2003  X
Peter Mullan On a Clear Day 4/7/2006
Peter O’Toole Lassie 9/1/2006
Philip Seymour Hoffman Capote (Telluride) 9/9/2005  X
Philip Seymour Hoffman Capote 9/30/2005
Philippe Petit Man on Wire 8/8/2008
Pierce Brosnan Die Another Day 11/22/2002  X
Presley Chweneyagae Tsotsi 2/24/2006
Puja Born Into Brothels 1/28/2005  X
Puss In Boots Shrek 2 5/21/2004  X
Q’Orianka Kilcher The New World 1/20/2006
Queen Latifah Mad Money 1/18/2008
Rachel Weisz The Constant Gardner 9/2/2005
Radha Mitchell Melinda and Melinda 3/18/2005
Ralph Fiennes Spider 2/28/2003  X
Ray Winstone Beowulf 11/16/2007
Reese Witherspoon Vanity Fair 9/3/2004
Remy Ratatouille 6/29/2007
Renee Zellweger Miss Potter 1/5/2007
Renee Zellweger Bridget Jones’ Diary 4/13/2001  X
Richard Gere Bee Season 11/11/2005  X
Ricky Gervais Ghost Town 9/19/2008
Robert De Niro City by the Sea 9/6/2002  X
Robert De Niro 15 Minutes 3/9/2001  X
Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man 5/2/2008  X
Robert Duvall Open Range 8/15/2003  X
Robert Pattinson Twilight 11/21/2008
Robert Redford The Last Castle 10/19/2001  X
Ron Perlman Hellboy 4/2/2004
Rose McGowen Grindhouse 4/6/2007
Rowan Atkinson Rat Race 8/17/2001  X
Rudy Youngblood Apocalypto 12/8/2006
Russell Crowe 3:10 to Yuma 9/7/2007
Russell Crowe Cinderella Man 6/3/2005
Russell Crowe Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World 11/14/2003  X
Ryan Gosling Lars and the Real Girl 10/12/2007
Ryan Gosling Fracture 4/20/2007
Ryan Phillippe Stop-Loss 3/28/2008
Ryan Phillippe Flags of Our Fathers 10/20/2006
Ryan Reynolds Smokin’ Aces 1/26/2007
Sacha Baron Cohen Borat 11/3/2006
Salma Hayek Ask the Dust 3/10/2006
Sam Rockwell Confessions of a Dangerous Mind 1/3/2003  X
Samuel L. Jackson Freedomland 2/17/2006
Samuel L. Jackson Resurrecting the Champ 8/24/2007
Samuel L. Jackson Changing Lanes 4/12/2002  X
Samuel L. Jackson S.W.A.T. 8/8/2003  X
Samuel L. Jackson Coach Carter 1/14/2005
Sandra Bullock Premonition 3/16/2007
Sandra Bullock Murder by Numbers 4/19/2002  X
Sarah Jessica Parker Sex and the City 5/30/2008
Scarlett Johansson Lost in Translation 9/12/2003
Scrat Ice Age 2: The Meltdown 3/31/2006
Sean Connery The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 7/11/2003  X
Sean Penn All the King’s Men 9/22/2006
Sean Penn 21 Grams 11/21/2003
Sean William Scott Role Models 11/7/2008
Seth Green Without a Paddle 8/20/2004
Sgt. Robert Beatty Gunner Palace 3/4/2005
Shia LaBeouf Transformers 7/6/2007
Sissy Spacek In the Bedroom 11/23/2001  X
Spot Teacher’s Pet 1/16/2004
Stephen Dorff Feardotcom 8/30/2002  X
Steve Carell Dan in Real Life 10/26/2007
Steve Carell The 40 Year Old Virgin 8/19/2005
Steve Coogan Hamlet 2 8/22/2008
Steve Martin The Pink Panther 2/10/2006
Sulley Monsters, Inc. 11/2/2001  X
Tang Wei Lust, Caution 10/5/2007
Terrence Howard Hustle & Flow 7/22/2005
Thandie Newton The Truth About Charlie 10/25/2002  X
The Corpse Bride The Corpse Bride 9/23/2004
The Hulk The Hulk 6/13/2008
The Hulk Hulk 6/20/2003  X
The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) The Rundown 9/26/2003
Tim Allen Big Trouble 4/5/2002  X
Tim Robbins AntiTrust 1/12/2001  X
Tobey Maguire Seabiscuit 7/25/2003  X
Tobey Maguire Spider-Man 3 5/4/2007
Tobey Maguire Spider-Man 5/3/2002  X
Tom Cruise Mission: Impossible III 5/5/2006
Tom Cruise Collateral 8/6/2004
Tom Cruise Vanilla Sky 12/14/2001  X
Tom Cruise Minority Report 6/21/2002  X
Tom Cruise Lions for Lambs 11/9/2007
Tom Cruise The Last Samurai 12/5/2003  X
Tom Cruise War of the Worlds 7/1/2005
Tom Hanks The Ladykillers 3/26/2004
Tom Hanks The Polar Express 10/12/2004
Tom Hanks The Terminal 6/18/2004  X
Tom Hanks Cast Away 12/22/2000  X
Tom Hanks Road to Perdition 7/12/2002  X
Tom Hanks The Da Vinci Code 5/19/2006
Tom Wilkinson In the Bedroom 1/4/2002  X
Tommy Lee Jones The Hunted 3/14/2003  X
Tony Leung Two Zero Four Six 8/5/2005
Topher Grace In Good Company 1/7/2005
Ulrich Milhe The Lives of Others 2/9/2007
Uma Thurman Kill Bill 4/16/2004
Uma Thurman The Golden Bowl 4/27/2001  X
Viggo Mortensen Eastern Promises 9/14/2007
Viggo Mortensen The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers 12/20/2002  X
Viggo Mortensen Hildago 3/5/2004  X
Vin Diesel XXX 8/9/2002  X
Vince Vaughn Wedding Crashers 7/15/2005
WALL-E WALL-E 6/27/2008
Wesley Snipes Blade II 3/22/2002  X
Will Ferrell Blades of Glory 3/30/2007
Will Ferrell Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby 8/4/2006
Will Ferrell Stranger Than Fiction 11/10/2006
Will Smith Bad Boys II 7/18/2003  X
Will Smith Men in Black II 7/5/2002  X
Will Smith Ali 12/28/2001  X
Will Smith I am Legend 12/14/2007  X
Will Smith Hitch 2/11/2005  X
Yoda Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones 5/17/2002  X
Zhao Tao Private Property 8/3/2007