Watercolor Portraits for THE STREET

The Street

This morning’s announcement that Trump has chosen Larry Kudlow (ugh!) to replace Gary Cohn as the White House’s top economic adviser inspired me to rummage through my files to see if I’d ever created a portrait of him…and – I guess I haven’t.

But it makes sense that I thought I might’ve. Kudlow has hosted several shows for CNBC over the years including Kudlow and Cramer, paired with Mad Money’s Jim Cramer. The Street is a financial news and services website founded by Cramer and Martin Peretz about 20 years ago. Although Cramer is their most notable personality, they have many contributors, and in recent years I have been commissioned to create watercolor portraits of dozens of them.

(Above: Jim Cramer, Elisabeth Demarse, Chris Ciaccia, William Inman, Ruben Ramirez, Lindsey Bell, Rocco Pendola, Debra Borchardt, Joe Deaux, James Rogers, Antoine Garna, Jill Malandrino, Debra Peltier, Dan Freed, Scott Gam, Jack Mohr, Herb Greenberg, Laurie Kulikowski, Brittany Umar, Ross Urken)

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