World Cup Final

Pen & ink stipple illustration of a soccer / football player for ModeloThe 2014 World Cup has finally come to an end, so congrats to Germany! Let’s all exhale collectively now that it’s over, and turn our attentions back to what’s really important…my illustration work.

Back in 1993, I created a series of three sports-related portraits for a Modelo Beer billboard campaign. (I wrote about another drawing in the series a while back, and you can check out that posting here.) For the Soccer (Football) player, I asked my buddy, Phil to throw on soccer garb and pose. He actually struck a balletic position for my reference photos – upright with his arms stretched above him. It was easy enough to simply turn him sideways as I drew.  I rendered the ball separately and pasted it in place…with paste (we’re talking twenty years ago, folks).

I remember just loving the challenge of creating the intricate textures of his gloves and waistband in my pen & ink stippling technique, something I’m not quite sure I’d have the patience for today.

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