WSJ Hedcut Portrait of Ben Affleck

Wall Street Journal hedcut of Ben Affleck from "Pearl Harbor" by Randy GlassEarly this past December, weeks before several obvious Oscar contenders (“Zero Dark Thirty”, “Les Miserables”, “Django Unchained”) were even released in theaters – I bet a friend that “Argo” would win the Academy Award for best film. We wagered a steak dinner and pie, and I’m feeling pretty confident that I’ll be the big winner this Sunday!

I think Ben Affleck has become a terrific Director and I enjoyed his film a lot. Back in the summer of 2001, I created a stippled portrait of him for the movie “Pearl Harbor” for The Wall Street Journal. This was pretty early in my tenure as a WSJ hedcut artist, and I am sure that I’d render this portrait very differently were it on my drawing board today. And – we were both a lot younger then.

Here’s to “Argo” and blueberry pie!

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