Sarah Palin NUDE!

Sarah Palin Nude

It’s Republican National Convention week! And I couldn’t be more…uh, too busy to watch.

Many of us were first introduced to perky megalomaniac Sarah Palin as she accepted her party’s nomination for Vice President exactly four years ago. At first, she reminded me of  the music teacher at my grade school growing up, Miss Boyer. I really liked Miss Boyer…she taught us “Faldaree Faldara”. I was a bit less impressed with Ms Palin.

A couple of years ago I was commissioned to create a nude portrait of Sarah for the launch of a brand new (now wonderfully successful) online humor magazine, THE FINAL EDITION. The editors asked me to illustrate her in the iconic Wall Street Journal hedcut style, but offered me carte blanche to interpret her artistically. To my surprise, they decided to animate my drawing (so she’d “bounce” a bit) and they even added a little music. It’s still featured prominently on their site and you can check it out here.

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