Wall Street Journal Portraits (Hedcuts) of Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl

The IncrediblesNo one could possibly enjoy Pixar movies more than me…I just love ’em! I usually try to catch them opening weekend and I’ve seen most more than once.

With their newest masterpiece, “Brave” coming to theaters in just a few days, I thought I’d share these two hedcuts from “The Incredibles” that I drew for The Wall Street Journal back in 2004. Folks don’t usually associate the Journal’s iconic stipple portraits with non-human characters (although I’ve drawn a few politicians that I could argue were less human than those from most animated films). I created the drawing of Mr. Incredible to accompany Joe Morgenstern’s original glowing review. Then at year’s end, when Joe’s column featured his top ten movies of the year, “The Incredibles” was selected as his number one film – calling for a second hedcut – this time of its leading lady, Elastigirl.

I’ve had the opportunity to create hedcuts of characters from several other Pixar films over the years. You’ll find a few of em on my website and I’ll reprint some others here in the coming months.


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