My Wall Street Journal Hedcuts of Iron Man and The Hulk

Robert Downey Jr hedcut created by Randy Glass for The Wall Street JournalOkay, so “The Avengers” opens in theaters today…you heard it here first!

Frankly, I was a DC Comics guy when I was growing up – I never paid much attention to the Marvel competition. Having said that – I’ve enjoyed most of the film adaptations of these unfamiliar (to me) superheroes.

Back in ’08 I created this Wall Street Journal hedcut of Robert Downey Jr. for the first “Iron Man” movie. Unfortunately, a second effort for the sequel wasn’t in the cards…I would’ve really enjoyed drawing him in that helmet.

That same year I did a hedcut of The Hulk, and this actually was a second effort as I had originally drawn a very different version of the same character for the first (poorly received) Hulk movie back in ’03. Here they are side by side…2003 Hulk - 2008 Hulk

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