Watercolor Portrait of Robert Picardo

Watercolor portrait of Robert Picardo in "Scrooge"Actor #RobertPicardo and I have been great pals for (gulp) more than 30 years! You might know him from #StarTrekVoyager where he played the Holographic Doctor for 6 seasons, or perhaps #ChinaBeach where he again played a doctor…this one flesh & blood.

He recently recorded a CD – a recreation of the score from the 1970 movie “Scrooge”, with Bob singing the role of the curmudgeonly title character. His performance is really wonderful.

Just for fun (and a few bucks too!) – I jumped at the opportunity to create a portrait of Bob as Scrooge for the CD’s cover. This music is obviously perfect for the holidays, and if you’re interested in purchasing or downloading it – go here.

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