WSJ Hedcuts of Daniel Radcliffe: Part 6

Wall Street Journal Hedcut - Daniel Radcliffe - "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

#HarryPotterandtheHalfBloodPrince opened in theaters in the Summer of ’09.

The bad news was – just a few months prior to this – after more than nine years creating stipple portraits to accompany Joe Morgenstern’s weekly film review column – the folks at #TheWallStreetJournal decided to switch from their iconic hedcuts to using photos.

That same summer – I had been invited to exhibit a selection of my original pen & ink drawings for the Journal in a solo show at the Arclight Theater’s gallery space in Hollywood. We chose to group my portraits of Daniel Radcliffe on their own separate wall, and that inspired me to create this one last rendering to complete the set.

Unfortunately, the hedcut never appeared in print, but folks seemed to enjoy seeing the six drawings side-by-side.

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