Pen & Ink Stipple Portraits for The Los Angeles Times

Bill Dwyre | Scott Collins | Tina Daunt | Hector Tobar | Michael Hiltzik
Chris Erskine | Sandy Banks | George Skelton | Steve Lopez | Bill Plaschke

Recently, a potential client reached out to me to talk about what might become a fun new project. She told me that she’d long appreciated the pen and ink portraits that I have created over the years of columnists for The Los Angeles Times. She also described the exhaustive research she went through to find out who the heck did them as I no longer receive a byline in the paper. Thank goodness there were only a few degrees of separation between us.

I did my first group of (more than 20) drawings for The Times back in 2008 when the paper went through a complete redesign, and a few examples from that initial effort are above. My agreement specified that I would receive a credit on page 2 for exactly one year – which I think was fair. Since then I have continued to produce fresh drawings for them when new columnists join the paper; and a few recent examples are below.

Hopefully, by posting about these drawings here – the next time someone wants to find out who did the PEN AND INK PORTRAITS OF COLUMNISTS FOR THE LOS ANGELES TIMES this little article might just pop up in search engines.

Andrew Malcom | Dylan Hernandez | Eddy Hartenstein (Publisher)
LZ Granderson | Davan Maharaj (Publisher) | Frank Shyong
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