Illustrations With a Foreign Accent

Senacor TechnologiesThe New ManhoodSeveral months ago, I wrote about a new Italian client – Il Sole 24 ORE. Creating stipple portraits for Italy’s leading financial newspaper was a great opportunity to get my work noticed by Ad Agencies and Publishers outside the United States!

I never imagined my career could become so international when I was first starting out…but of course, that was before computers (and scanners) eliminated most of the obstacles. Now I promote my work on websites all over the world.

I have actually received quite a few commissions from overseas this past year. Above is a grouping of portraits I created for Senacor Technologies in Nuremberg, Germany. One of my favorite projects was the cover of this book to the left; “The New Manhood” from Briefing Press in Taiwan. (They were kind enough to send me a few copies of the book after it was published. I have absolutely no idea what the book is about but I love the father-son facepalm!


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