Pen & Ink Stipple Portrait of Zachary Quinto

"Zachary Quinto"Very cool that actor #ZacharyQuinto came out publicly as a gay man this past week! Also very cool – his new film #MarginCall, opening this Friday, is already getting great reviews. Quinto stars and also produced the film – the first for his production company #BeforeTheDoor.

Back in 2009, I was commissioned to create stipple portraits of the two (new and original) #MisterSpocks and #CaptainKirks from #StarTrek for #ComicCon in San Diego. Zach was a real pleasure to play with…very gracious and supportive…as were #ChrisPine and #LeonardNimoy. Here are the two drawings, side by side…

Randy Glass - stipple portraits of Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk from "Star Trek"

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